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INTERACTIVE Multi- Purpose Cooperative

Interactive Multi- Purpose Cooperative is a service cooperative with a variety of services such as housekeeping/janitorial, messengerial, food & beverage, kitchen, maintenance, clerical, supervisory and other services involving hotels, resorts, restaurants, factories, condominiums and offices.

Interactive was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority last October 7, 2004 per Registration No. C-522-4529 by virtue of and under Republic Act 6938 and per New Certificate of Registration No.9520-16007190 dated January 28,2010 under Article 144 of Republic Act 9520 otherwise known as the “ The Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008.”

In every engagement, Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative supplies trained, experienced, honest & personable member-workers.

Why Choose Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative?

1. The Client Company need not be bothered with various administrative work because Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative does the timekeeping job, payroll processing and remittance of the SSS/ECC, Phil health and Pag-Ibig contributions to the government agencies concerned.

2. The Client Company does not need a HR Supervisor since Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative handles the implementation of disciplinary measures on erring workers.

3. The Client Company need not have Recruitment Assistant since Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative recruits and deploys the needed workers at the work site/s.

4. Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative designates a Supervisor from among the workers to supervise the work of the assigned workers at the Client Company.

5. In time of financial needs, the workers can immediately secure from Intearctive Multi-Purpose Cooperaitve a petty cash loan payable in installment basis at minimal interest rate, depending in his fund contributions.

6. In case of higher financial requirement in the family, he can secure from Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative a regular loan depending on his fund contributions, payable in installment basis at low interest rate.

7. Aside from the statutory or mandated benefits under the law, Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative provides a group life insurance plan with medical reimbursement due to accidents for the security of the worker and his family.

8. Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative has the government required licenses and permits to operate as a Contractor Cooperative under DOLE, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig.

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